The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Better Roads

October 28, 2016

The UK Roads Liaison Group (UKRLG) has published an updated Code of Practice following a two year review.

‘Well-Managed Highways Infrastructure’ was commissioned by the Department for Transport with input from an extensive range of stakeholder organisations including the Institute for Highways Engineers, ADEPT, SCOTS, CIHT, Transport for London and CSS Wales.

The non-statutory Code offers updated advice to reflect the latest developments in the maintenance sector – reinforcing the strides made through the Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP). It replaces three previous sets of guidance: Well-maintained Highways, Management of Highways Structures and Well-lit Highways, which will cease to be valid from October 2018.

The overarching principal behind the development of the new Code is the need to deliver a safe and well-maintained highway network through the adoption of an integrated asset management approach to highways infrastructure through risk-based assessment.

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