The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Better Roads

The second meeting of the group this year saw Brian Kent, National Technical Director at  Tarmac and Chairman of the Mineral Products Association’s Asphalt Committee, set out the industry’s concern that take-up of warm mix asphalt – which offers considerable environmental benefits over hot mixed asphalt – has been disappointingly low to date.

Warm mix asphalt technologies can reduce their production and laying temperature to approximately 40°C below the equivalent hot mix material, resulting in lower fuel usage and associated carbon emissions.

Brian highlighted the numerous benefits of warm mix asphalt, including faster re-opening of roads or reduced programme durations, which can lead to on-site savings, improved health and safety and improved air quality for workers and the wider community.

He also pointed out the industry’s frustration that less than 4% of asphalt in the UK is currently specified as warm mix, despite verbal support from Highways England and many local authorities. The inherent inefficiencies and thus lost opportunity for savings from switching production temperature for small production runs were also noted.

Those present within the group, which is chaired by Sir Christopher Chope OBE MP, were enthusiastic in their support for raising the profile and uptake of warm mix asphalt and helping the industry deliver a lower carbon footprint.

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